Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh, the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio

HEAT WAVE in Boston! Living the no AC life is difficult on days like today, when you RUN out of the cubicle early to watch the Germany/Greece quarterfinal Euro Cup game and get stuck in over two hours of traffic of people going to Cape Cod for the weekend and end up not only being late for the game but missing it entirely

but by the time you get home being so happy to be out of the sweltering car (its only luxuries are actually the radio and heated seats) that missing the game isn't such a big deal (see, it wasn't quite as bad as...).

STILL HAVEN'T SEEN IT, so don't post comments about the results! It will be replayed on demand tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I'll be leaving tomorrow evening on a two-week Internet-free real vacation. Chris and I will be going to the Netherlands for a few days, going to Liege in Belgium to watch the prologue of the Tour de France, and then heading into Germany for about a week.

I pedicured my feet for the first time in about six months in preparation. I think it works well with what I call "crossfit legs" (skinned knee is from burpees and bruises on shins were from doing this, not particularly well, today).

Let me leave you with some beauty that Karen, one of my friends and a participant in my Square Shawl workshop at Woolworks, created. That's Weaverknits Grellow! I want it!!!

The pattern is actually a recipe that I teach in the workshop, but I will be publishing it in July, so if you want one and can't take a workshop, I got you!

Talk to all of you soon! Wait until you see some of the knitting designs I've made lately!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Chittagong, the first Container Ships Club pattern, is available! All of you who have signed up for the club should have received it. The pattern is also available for $5 as an individual pdf:

Interested in the entire club? Here it is for $13:

Interested in ordering the yarn I used for Chittagong? Kate, the mastermind behind Dragonfly Fibers, is taking special orders for two skeins of Squishy Lace and offering free shipping. This means that you get the yarn for this project for $40. Seriously. Check it out here. You can pick any two colors
you like.

Also live: EURO CUP 2012! Two games every day, and surprises already (Denmark wins against the Netherlands! I must hurry to finish my Oranje-inspired design this year if they aren't going to advance. Wait, maybe the Oranje don't deserve a special design if they don't advance).

I'm breaking up this work (a 600-page book for Microsoft press; if you're waiting to hear from me, this is why you haven't)

with this "work" (knitting, beer, pancakes, UF collectible Nutella juice class).

Is anyone else watching? GO GERMANY!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's time to open the studio to the public! It's been quite a transformation.

Original situation:

Scraping and cleaning:

Initial priming and painting:

Detail painting:

New furniture:

Carpet, and the loom that will be assembled on Monday!

Come join me to CELEBRATE!

When: Sunday, June 17, from 4 to 8 pm (or later!)
Where: 58 Pulaski Street, Peabody, MA; detailed directions to come
What: A chance for my friends and Boston-area knitters to hang out, knit, and talk about what they’d like to see happen in my Peabody studio space. Beer, wine, and simple snacks will be provided!

Possible future events include classes, a weekly knitting group, and studio short- and longer-term use options for those who need space to work, meet, or hold their own class or get-together.

Interested in teaching in the space, but can't make it to the party? Just send me an email:

This event is F R E E. Spread the word!