Tuesday, May 29, 2012


CONTAINER SHIPS is here! Come join me, the water is cold, choppy, and toxic!

Here's how the club will work. Over the next approximately six months, you will receive at least four patterns: two shawls, a cowl, and a cardigan. Most likely this club will grow to include at least one more accessory pattern. Sign up until the second pattern is released will be $13; after the second pattern, the price will go up based on how many patterns I have in the works and how far I want to take this idea.

The first pattern will be Chittagong, a very large, simple square shawl:

If you join, it will be coming your way by June 15!

After Chittagong, patterns will be delivered to you every month to every other month, depending on their complexity. I will send the patterns via email and also upload them directly into your Ravelry libraries if you use Ravelry.

The patterns will also be available as individual pdfs.

As a bonus, the yarns I use for these patterns will all be from indie dyers. In the three weeks that follow the release of each pattern, you will have the chance to special-order the yarn in the color(s) I used form these dyers' websites. This means that you are not committed to club colors, but club colors will be available for you if you love them as much as I do!

Interested in the adventure? Here you go!

CONTAINER SHIPS: $13 for at least four patterns . . .

A taste of what's to come:

Edward Burtynsky
Where giant ships go to die
Andrea Frank, Ports and Ships

AND . . . thanks to EVERYONE for the jetlag suggestions and the inspiration. Thanks to your suggestions, I drank more water than I would have, tried to eat on "new" schedule, and didn't consume all those beers that looked like such a good idea. The winner of the Fair Isle book, determined by drawing names from hat, is: stipton! Send your address to weaverknits77@gmail.com. Hooray!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Erlebniss Verarbeitung: Experience Processing

Hello everyone. I just returned from an overwhelming trip to Germany. While I take my time sorting and thinking about my experiences, here's a distracting contest for you!

So, last winter I had a hat pattern published in the book Fair Isle Basics & Beyond. Here's the hat:

And here's the original version of the hat (note the use of yellow), which was knit as a present for Andrew Kolb, the illustrator who drew an image of me knitting and drinking a scotch.

And here's the book! When I organized my things to move into my studio, I realized that I have two copies.

Would you like a copy of the book? Yes? If so, leave me a comment with either a piece of advice about how to get over jetlag or a link to something that you find visually fascinating. I'll draw a winner randomly on Monday after I . . .

Get back from teaching at Fibre Space! What are YOU doing this weekend? Are you in the Alexandria area? If you are, why not come and take a class with me? I'm teaching a square shawl design class and a color theory/Albers cowl class. These classes promise to be extra fun and slap happy because I'm so disoriented after all the traveling I've been doing. It will be a riot.

Finally, in the next post: The CONTAINER SHIP club is revealed!!! I'll be posting a photo of the first pattern and you'll have a chance to sign up for the super-low introductory rate. It promises to be a club like no other!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, the view from the New Jersey Turnpike as I drove to Baltimore nearly two weeks ago. Those of you who saw me—and there were a LOT of you because I was a LOT of places—know how crazy things have been. At this point, if you're not waiting on something from me, something that's most likely overdue, you probably don't know me.

And the cowl I named after it, designed for the Fibre Space blog. Read more and get the free pattern here. Think of it as a prelude to the Container Ships club, which I'll be posting in a few weeks.