Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Lots of submissions due these days. Lots of projects, too. Oh, and it looks like I'll have a new job soon, a job that hopefully isn't actively trying to kill me, like I'm convinced my current job is.

What I'm thinking about while I'm working:

I just saw the Sex Pistols movie, The Filth and the Fury. Look, Johnny Rotten is wearing mohair!

Josef Albers


Scarves like this (this one is from Savers, but I'm thinking about some knit versions in various yarn weights and fibers):

Looking at that photo reminds me: The other day at work I stayed late and saw some of the early morning customers come in for their bread. A sweet little old man said that I looked like a "nice young man." He was incredulous when I told him that I was a 32-year-old female and said I looked 18 or 19! What do you think? I took this picture as soon as I got home and showered. What a compliment, right?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear New Job,

Only 7 weeks ago you were the next step on my bread baking adventure.

I like you, New Job, but you are not what you seemed. Why have all the bakers, aside from the bakery owner, myself, and an intern from cooking school, quit or been fired in these 7 weeks? I know I've worked a few nights by myself now, but I'm trashed. Spent. Exhausted. Hangry (hungry-angry).

I'm about to come see you again tonight, New Job. Be kind.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moss and Ferns, let me be, I have work to do!

My latest knitting obsession, creating moss and fern textures and patterns in knit fabric. This shawl distracted me from designs and gifts with approaching deadlines; now it's done and I can get some work done!
I've already planned and swatched for the next moss and fern project, but I'm not allowed to start until a few other projects are complete. At that point I'll write up the pattern for this shawl, too. It's going to take some time, since it isn't a "plug in stitches from the stitch dictionary" project... I just winged it and ripped whenever it got off course. Until then, here's another shot.

I'm loving the colors: Louet Gems fingering in Goldenrod for the main color, and some very saturated Sundara Sock Yarn for the blue contrasting bits.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's new, stomach flu?

I've been hiding out in bed feeling sorry for myself the past two days, without the energy to even sit up and knit much. But here I am, at the computer, with an empty digestive system and plans to return to the bakery tonight. Some things that happened before I got sick:

Orange Chiffon Cake for Easter! Yes, I do bake when I'm not at work, but I don't bake bread at home anymore.

New design in progress (a shawl design inspired by my love of moss! When I was a kid I would make a "moss garden" every summer... I would explore around my grandparents' cabin and collect all the different sorts of moss I could find and arrange them in this big green tupperware bowl filled with dirt) with Guumon to customize for a show in June.

That's it for this afternoon's energy. Back to bed.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tie shawl finito!

Look what I finished for myself!

Clean, graphic, warm, and perfect for travel. You can find the pattern in Spin-Off... lots of inspiration there, and instructions for a very cool twisted border that I chose not to do because I love the clean black and white too much. Because I love the stripes so much, I'm designing my first triangle shawl... it's inspired by moss, and has stripes, too!

Update on GO DUTCH... this pattern will be released in the fall with the rest of the first Weaverknits collection. Hold your breath, hold it!